Master Blaster's has 5 different paintball activities fields, each with a unique theme. Our first, and most popular field, is the "Abandoned City" field, with buildings, cars, a boat, and other objects that may be found in a city like Tacoma or Seattle. Our second field is "Trenton's Field of Fun" full of many different obstacles, great for the whole family. The third field can be very intense if you're defending "Blaster's Oil Fields" it's usually played with 4 paintball players defending the depot with the rest of the players attacking; it's a very loud, intense and fast paced play. Our fourth field is "The Woods" which is a very realistic, intense field with cleared trails and bunkers. And the fifth field is all 4 fields put together which is about 15 acres of paintball fun!!  

The Fields!!
Trenton's Field of Fun!!
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The Woods Field
Different Games To Be Played!

# Corner to Corner (two field combined)
# Capture the Flag
# Center Flag
# Oil Depot Defend/Takeover
# Mercy Ball 
# Medic (reincarnation)
# President (get him safely to his limo)
Master Blaster's Paintball Park